Use Art to Touch HEARTS of Seniors & Special Needs

Spread Joy & Make Their World More Colorful!

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This MASTERCLASS Will Show You:

Step #1

Discover how to use art to enhance the quality of life of individuals with a chronic illness, such as Parkinson's, Huntington's or Dementia

Step #2

 Examine a case study of using art to help an individual cope with Parkinson's Disease

Step #3

How to become confident using art holistically with others (whether you're an artist or not), increase your value, and be marketable!

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Presented by 

Sherita Sparrow

The ART MASTER & World Class Therapeutic Art Specialist

with Special Guest 

Nancy Richards

CEO of Activity Pathways

I’m SO excited to share this unprecedented opportunity with you!

"The art techniques were great and I couldn't wait to try them!"

 Danielle R. - Activity Professional / Maryland

"I had the pleasure of two days with Sherita Sparrow, learning some wonderful techniques she uses in art... Great for anyone, artist or not.."

 Andrea H., Family Caregiver / New York

"I feel more confident! Sherita shows you how easy it is to create by using a few different art techniques. You do not have to be an artist. I learned art can reach so many residents who are at different levels. I would recommend this to anyone involved in activities." 

Susan P., Activity Professional / Maryland

I believe together, we can change the world! Do you believe this too?