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Add more art to your curriculum and establish more meaningful experiences for the heart of elders. Crafty Heart Studio is the go-to adaptive art resource for Activity Professionals, Home Health Care Professionals, and Family Caregivers. Spend more time creating art and less time stressing over the perfect art project.

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Don't miss your chance to join the ultimate membership that brings tastefully designed art projects and inspiration to thousands of crafty hearts, like you! You'll get out of that creative rut and feel comfortable doing art with elders.

When you join our wait list, we will send you an overview of the Crafty Heart Studio membership. PLUS, we will send you a Free adaptive art project with a material list, step-by-step instructions, and templates.

It will be a pleasure to welcome you to the #1 inspirational and transformative adaptive art membership.

We understand the value of creating art that adds meaning and purpose to residents' lives. Arts and crafts are not just for keeping residents busy or making sure it's covered on the activity calendar.

We know that creating art with residents is about establishing a space that inspires them to express themselves without fear of judgment. Residents will do art with you when they see you're comfortable in your artistic abilities and enjoy being in the moment.

Because it's about the PROCESS and not the PRODUCT.

Rave Reviews

from Activity Professionals 

I have new art ideas I can put to use!

— Crafty Heart, Eugenia G.

It has encouraged me to have more confidence in my creative abilities to better communicate with residents, and to enjoy the process.

— Crafty Heart, Megan M.

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